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Tacx B.V. is an enterprise that engages in the production of various products for different facets of the sport of cycling and is located in Wassenaar, the Netherlands.


Table of contents

0. Explanation of terms
1. General conditions
2. Competitions
3. Privacy
4. Liability
5. Final provisions


0. Explanation of terms

  1. Promotions and activities:
    A (promotional) activity organised by Tacx in which customers can participate, like a competition on social media or offered workout. Herein after referred to as ‘activity’.
  2. Participant:
    All persons participating in the activity.
  3. Communications:
    All messages send out by Tacx to communicate the activity, like a post on social media and a newsletter.


1. General

1.1 These terms and conditions are applicable to all activities organised by Tacx, established in Wassenaar the Netherlands, having office at the Rijksstraatweg 52, 2241 BW Wassenaar, The Netherlands.

1.2 Activity is only valid during a certain period of time, clearly noted in the communications.

1.3 By participating in the activity, the participant agrees to these terms and conditions. Tacx has the right to disqualify participants in case Tacx decides the participant doesn’t comply to these terms and conditions.

1.4 Tacx cannot be held responsible for any additional costs the participant might have to make in order to participate in the activity or accept the prize in case (s)he’s has won, like travel costs. In case the participant has to travel to a certain location for the activity, or to accept his/her price, the participant will carry the costs to travel to the location his-/herself. Unless otherwise communicated in the communications.


2. Competitions

2.1 A competition is an activity in which a participant, or several participants, can win a certain price.

2.2 The price is, or prices are, clearly stated in the communications. The price is not interchangeable and cannot be redeemed for cash.

2.3 No correspondence can be made about the results.

2.4 Prices are given to specific people and are therefore non-transferable. In case of refusal of or another reason for not accepting the prize, it will fall back into possession of Tacx.

2.5 Tacx will always try to contact the participant as good as possible. If the participant cannot be contacted for any reason, doesn’t reply or refuses the price, it will fall back into possession of Tacx. In this case, Tacx has the right to give the price to another participant.


3. Privacy

3.1 By participating in the activity, the participant gives the right to Tacx to use his/her name and photos for promotional purposes related to the activity.

3.2 The provided personal data of the participant, like contact details, will be handled with due care and not be used for other purposes. Unless otherwise stated in the communications.

3.3 The provided data of the participant will not be shared with third parties.


4. Liability

4.1 Tacx, the auxiliary persons and/or third parties that are in any way involved in the activity, cannot be held accountable for any damages, (physical) injuries and/or additional costs whatsoever directly or indirectly suffered by a participant during and/or in any way related to the activity.

4.2 More specifically, Tacx, the auxiliary persons and/or third parties that are in any way involved in the activity, are not liable for damages, (physical) injuries and/or additional costs suffered by the participant that is the result of: 1) any use of the prizes paid out; 2) physical efforts and exercises performed on the Tacx trainer; 3) workouts performed that are provided by Tacx; or 4) the fact that the entered personal data are incorrect.


5. Final provisions

5.1 Tacx is entitled in its sole discretion and without prior notice to change the conditions while the activity is running, or to declare the activity to end or change the activity if the circumstances require Tacx to do so, without needing to provide any reason whatsoever and without in any way having to compensate anything for the participants.

5.2 Dutch law applies to these terms and conditions.


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