Tacx/Astana Virtual training camp

Join Astana on their training camp! Together with Pro cycling team Astana we’ve created a full week of workouts and activities comparable to their training camp in Tenerife that you can perform online from the comfort of your own home. The camp is from April 1st until April 7th and consists of outdoor rides, professional core stability training, fitness workouts and advise about your nutrition from their head chef.

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Tenerife, Canary Islands
7 days | 150 km | 4000 alt. | 6,5 hours


All your cycling workouts will be performed indoors via the Tacx software on your Tacx trainer. When the team is riding outdoors, you’ll be cycling a Tacx Film in the same area. And in case of a structured workout, you’ll be doing a simplified version of the team’s workout. They’re also performing those workouts on the Tacx trainer. To ride the videos you’ll need the Tacx Desktop app and a Premium or Premium HD subscription to the Tacx software.

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Easy endurance ride

50%-60% FTP, high cadence at the end. Ride a segment of 25,6 km in the Tacx Film.


Rest day

No training today aside from core exercises.


Climb training

3 Sets of 3x 2′ sitting and 1′ standing up during climb. Ride the Tacx Film until the last climb.



Power training

Two series of 4 times 1 minute power intervals.


Long endurance ride

High cadence and 2 workouts during climb, Ride the complete Tacx Film.


Full gas on a climb

Warm-up and then full speed. Ride a segment of 27,14 km in the Tacx Film.



Spinning the legs

3* 6′ on high cadence.


To receive the full explanation of the daily activities and receive unique content from the team during the training camp! You’ll receive one email each day during the 7-day camp.

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