Trainer tyre


Trainer tyre

The Tacx trainer tyres have been developed specifically for riding indoor on bike trainers. The special rubber minimises the risk of overheating, slipping and wear and tear. They are also quieter than the regular rear tyres on racing bikes or mountain bikes.

The Tacx trainer tyres are not suitable for cycling outdoors and are not needed for the direct drive and rollers.

t1390_tacx_trainer-tyre-race-700x23c_side_0616 t1395_tacx_trainer-tyre-mtb-26x1-25_side_0616 t1396_tacx_trainer-tyre-mtb-27-5x12-5_side_0616 t1397_tacx_trainer-tyre-mtb-28x1-25_side
Race 28 T1390 MTB 26 T1395 MTB 27.5 T1396 MTB 29 T1397



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