The classic among bottle cages and well known among the Pro Teams: the Tao. The closed shape of the Tao bottle cage ensures that the bottle sits securely in place and makes it well suited for riding over cobblestones.

Powerful clamping

The Tao is closed at the front, so that it firmly clamps the bottle. This has made it a very popular bottle cage for over 10 years, and it still has its fans among the pro riders.

Classy aluminium

The aluminium version is stamped from aluminium sheet, pressed into shape, anodised and partially coated in rubber for better clamping.


Extra light

The Tao Light was developed to lower its weight and made from polyamide.



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Before we developed the Deva, the Tao was the favourite bottle cage of the Pro Teams and there are still riders who opt for this bottle cage on the most extreme cobbled roads.