Tacx Utility app

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Use the free Utility app so you can always benefit from the latest improvements to measurements and calculations in the trainer brake unit, be sure that the software works correctly and that you have the latest links.

Firmware upgrades

With the Tacx Utility app you can always benefit from the latest firmware for the Tacx trainer and check the connection with other devices. When an update is available, you receive a notification and you can decide whether you want to update your trainer.

Dashboard connection

Check the connection with linked devices like your tablet and sports watch, and check that your performance data is transmitted accurately.


The Utility app is compatible with:

  • NEO Smart (T2800)
  • FLUX Smart (T2900)
  • i-Genius Multiplayer Smart (T2010)
  • Tacx IRONMAN® Smart (T2060)
  • Genius smart (T2080)
  • Bushido Smart (T2780)
  • Vortex Smart (T2180)
  • Flow Smart (T2240)
  • Satori Smart (T2400)

This app is available for iPhone and Android devices (smartphones and tablets) and can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play*.


*Take the following steps if you use the Utility app on Android:
1. Switch off all apps that are running in the background
2. Switch Bluetooth off and then on again
3. Start the Utility app


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