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The Tacx Trainer software offers every function imaginable, from creating your own programs to racing online worldwide against other people and analysing your training sessions afterwards. The Tacx Trainer software is available in an Advanced version and a Basic version (download only).

Important notice

Due to the current software and hardware developments, we’ll stop selling the TTS 4, Basic and TTS 4, Advanced by November 30th. This also goes for the Multiplayer, GPS licence and Tacx Cycling app. From March 31st next year, we will permanently discontinue with the maintenance and support of this product. We sincerely appreciate your support and regret any inconvenience this necessary action causes you.


Virtual worlds

Six virtual worlds are available offering more than 100 km of road network where you can ride individually and together with others. There is a wide choice of terrains for mountain bikes, racing bikes and track bikes. Ascents, descents, ramps, tunnels and sensationally sharp corners, you come across everything.

GPS uploads

Import GPS data so you can enjoy your holiday rides again or ride the route for your next race in advance. You can also set out routes yourself using the route planner. The altitude profile is transmitted to the trainer which supplies the correct resistance. You require a Google license to use this function.

Tacx Films

Ride legendary race stages, classic cycle races and other existing races with the Tacx Films (available separately). The trainer simulates the road, while your cycling pace influences the speed of the film.

Intensity based training

Your FTP is the power output you can maintain for one hour. When you train for FTP you raise this value and your stamina. You can also train your stamina by training on the basis of your anaerobic threshold.

Training programs

Start a workout based on slope, power or heart rate, and adjust it during your training session.


The Tacx Trainer software stores your performance so you can analyse it afterwards. Your performance is displayed in a graph, where power output, cadence and speed are plotted against time or distance

Import & export

Besides creating your own training programs, you can also import training sessions from Strava. After your training session you can also immediately export your performance data to BikeNet, TrainingPeaks, Strava and the Indoor Bike League. You can export it as a TTS, GPX, TCX, XML or HRM file and then import that file into other software.

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Advanced and Basic function overview

Function Advanced Basic

Virtual worlds

Cycling against max. 10 opponents

Gameplay, virtual opponents

Customize the clothing and the bike of the VR cyclist

VR terrains

Montagna, mountainous terrain

Downhill Valley, mountain bike terrain

Vallegio, road

Vallegio, criterium

Metropolitan, city

Metropolitan, criterium


Velodrome, Six-day

Paradise Island, triathlon terrain

Golden Circle

GPS courses

GPS training with Google functions

Tacx films

Selection of more than 100 titles (available separately)

Video Overlay, displays the position of the cyclists

Video simulation, plays the film without cycling

Create info pop-ups or edit existing pop-ups


Free training on gradient, watt

Free training on gradient, watt and heart rate

Configure and edit programs in advance

Train based on FTP

Train based on anaerobic heart rate


Storing and analysing performance/training session

Importing from Strava

Exporting to BikeNet, TrainingPeaks, Strava and the Indoor Bike League

Upgrade to Advanced

Already have the Tacx Trainer software, Basic? Upgrade to Advanced for extra features like more virtual worlds and connect to Strava.


The Tacx trainer software is compatible with interactive trainers that communicate using ANT+*:

  • Tacx Smart trainers: NEO Smart, FLUX Smart, Genius Smart, Bushido Smart, Vortex Smart, Flow Smart
  • Tacx ANT+ trainers: i-Genius, i-Genius Multiplayer, Genius Multiplayer, i-Vortex, Vortex and Bushido.
  • ANT+ trainers from third parties

* You need an ANT+ antenna for a standard USB port to connect the trainer to your computer. 

System requirements

Tacx PC Test program

Download and install the Tacx PC Test program to find out whether your PC is suitable for the Tacx Trainer software. The Test program will only work if the PC has an Internet connection. Press Start and follow the program instructions. The result takes the minimum and recommended system requirements into account.

Download > 

Recommended system requirements

Processor Intel i7
Minimum memory 8 GB
Free hard disk space 20 GB
Video card ATI/AMD/ Nvidia compatible – 1 GB
Miscellaneous 1 free USB port
Operating system Windows 10


Minimum system requirements

Processor Intel i3 processor or AMD equivalent
Minimum memory 4 GB
Free hard disk space 15 GB
Video card ATI/AMD/ Nvidia compatible – 512 GB
Intel chipset x: no Virtual Reality.
Miscellaneous 1 free USB port
Operating system Windows 7

Note: The Tacx Trainer software 4 works on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. The software is not compatible with Apple OSX, Windows XP and lower. The green T1902 i-Magic interface is not compatible with the Tacx Trainer software 4. These riders can purchase the T1925 Upgrade i-Flow.


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