Tacx Software

Train more efficiently and with more fun! Access dozens of high quality video’s, structured training plans, GPS workouts, workout creator, data analysing tools, data export, follow friends and many more features. Continue reading to find out what the Tacx software offers.

High quality films

Discover famous classics, cities and other beautiful places around the globe.

Structured training plans

Training plans for specific goals and targets

Live data & analysis

Maximize results with live feedback while you train and data analysis afterwards.


Follow your friends and share your data in the Tacx Cloud or Strava.



Achieve your goals

Training for a race or climb requires specific training. In the Tacx Software you can find several ways to get ready.



Trainings & Data


Tacx Films*
Real life videos from tracks all over the globe. While you see the route going by on your screen at your own speed, the trainer’s resistance is adjusted to the grade in the video.

Ride with opponents to make it more challenging! These can either be your friends or your own previous results. Available in the Tacx Films.

GPS Tracks
Relive your holiday rides and pre-ride your next race! Import your GPS-data in the Tacx Cloud website and upload it in the app.


Training plans*
Structured training plans for specific goals and fitness, available for different levels and time spans, created by professional coaches.

Available soon

Workout builder
Create your own workouts based on power, FTP, slope or heart rate. You create the training in the Cloud website and perform it via the Tacx Training app.

Data analysis
Keep track of your performance by checking it after your training.

Live performance data
While you train, the trainer sends your power, speed and cadence to the device where it is displayed clearly in the app.

Strava export
Export and share your training data with your friends on Strava.

All trainings are stored as activity in the Tacx Cloud website, displayed in a clear overview of all your performed trainings.


*Features with an asterisk are paid features, see the Tacx cloud website for prices.

Cross-platform compatibility

Train on your favourite device: PC, Android and iOS

All your data is stored on the Tacx cloud website and shared between your devices. On the cloud website (cloud.tacx.com) you are able to view all your data, analyse your progress, create workouts and share with friends. To perform the training, you need the Tacx Training app (Android/iOS) or Tacx Desktop app (Windows/OSX*). For a complete overview of features per application, please scroll down.

*Expected Q2 2018


The Tacx Cloud is connected to the Tacx Training app (phone and tablet) and the Tacx Desktop app; both offer different features. The Tacx applications are compatible with Tacx Smart trainers only.

Feature Tacx Training app
Smartphones and tablets
Bluetooth only
Tacx Desktop app
Windows 101)
Bluetooth only
Tacx Cloud website
Workout builder x
(ride only)
(create only)
Training plans²) x
(ride only)
(download only)
GPS tracks x
(ride only)
(create only)
Tacx Films²)
with opponents
Data analysis x x
Live performance data x x
Strava export x
Activities x
Account & profile
Community x
Profile settings x

1) Mac compatibility expected Q2 2018
2) Available in a monthly subscription

Go to cloud.tacx.com to give it a try, registering is free!

Downloads & System requirements

The Tacx Training app and Tacx Desktop app can be downloaded for free on the App store, Google play (TTA) and Windows store (TDA). The Tacx Cloud applications are compatible with Tacx Smart trainers only.

Desktop app
Windows 10 Version 1709
CORE I3-7100U (2.4GHZ Dual core 2mb L3 cache.) Or equivalent, 4GB Ram.
Mac compatibility expected in Q2 2018

Download the Tacx Desktop app here


Tacx Training app for tablets
iPad 3 and higher
Android version 4.3 and higher

Tacx Training app for smartphones
iPhone 4s and higher
Android version 4.3 and higher

Download the Tacx Training app for iOS here and for Android here.


Tacx Software

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