Tacx Cycling app

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Ride sections of legendary race stages, classic cycle races and other existing races and check your position compared with your opponents. Afterwards you can analyse the training session in the Tacx Cloud or upload it in training software like Strava and TrainingPeaks.

Tacx Films

The distance in the Tacx Films for the Cycling app is around 30 km. They are beautiful rides or sections or existing races. The trainer simulates the road, while your cycling pace influences the speed of the film. The films are available as in-app purchases1).


The Cycling app stores your performance so you can analyse it afterwards. Your performance is displayed in a graph, where power output, cadence and speed are plotted against time or distance. Link the app to the Cloud so you can store it as an activity.

Training programs

Start a workout based on gradient, power or heart rate, and adjust it during your training session or create a complete training session in advance in the cloud.




Tacx Cloud

Connect to the Tacx Cloud to share and compare your performance with your friends and be part of the community. In this website, your trainings are stored so you have them available any time on any device, displayed in a clear overview. Find out more about the Tacx Cloud here.



Virtual power

Even if you have a basic trainer you can still use the Tacx Cycling app, on the basis of virtual power. You need a speed and cadence sensor to measure your performance and transmit it to the app. The Tacx Cycling app is compatible with the Blue Matic and Blue Twist.


The Tacx Cycling app is compatible with interactive trainers that communicate using Bluetooth or ANT+:

  • Tacx Smart trainers: NEO Smart, FLUX Smart, Genius Smart, Bushido Smart, Vortex Smart, Flow Smart
  • Tacx ANT+ trainers2): i-Genius, i-Genius Multiplayer, Genius, Genius Multiplayer, i-Vortex, Vortex & Bushido.
  • Tacx Basic trainers, virtual power: Blue Matic, Blue Twist
  • ANT+ trainers from third parties*

System requirements

  • Apple iPad 3 and higher
  • Android version 4.3 and higher


1) Tacx Films for iOS are not compatible for Android devices and vice versa
2) Use an ANT+ dongle to enable communication between an ANT+ trainer and your tablet, such as the Tacx ANT+ dongle micro USB for Android tablets and Wahoo ANT+ dongle for iPads. The Tacx Cycling app is not compatible with the Garmin ANT+ dongle. The iPad 4, iPad Air and iPad Mini require an extra adapter for the Wahoo dongle; both can be ordered in the Apple Store.


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