Mont Saint Michel

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  • Film type: Download
  • Country: France
  • Region: Normandy
  • Publication date: 2016
  • Difficulty:
  • Total distance: 34
  • Max. incline: 7.30%
  • Average slope: 0.70%
  • Number of catacol points: 22
  • Height meters: 94
  • Road surface simulation: Yes
  • Art. no.: T2058.20A

Ride through the green ways of Normandy

This very easy ride starts along one of the many abandoned railway tracks that’s been converted into rather scenic cycling paths called locally ‘Voies vertes’ or Green Ways. You will spend about half the ride on these wooded gravel paths heading west towards the sea. The second half of the ride hits the tarmac with a few small hills before the final pancake flat marsh lands lead you to the final raised causeway to Mont Saint Michel.


Please note: Tacx Films are only compatible with the Tacx Trainer software 4 (Basic and Advanced) and not with the Tacx Desktop app.