Magnum Smart


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On this page you can order a Magnum Smart (T9000). We strongly advise you to try the Magnum Smart in one of the certified stores before purchasing one. For information about this revolutionary bike & treadmill and a list of certified dealers, please visit You can order one as followed:

1. Add to your cart
Add the trainer to your cart via the blue button in the lower right corner of this page.

2. Place your order
Follow the steps in the checkout, you’ll received an order confirmation after you’ve successfully placed your order*.

*In case you haven’t received a confirmation, please contact

3. Make an appointment
After receipt of your order, the Tacx Magnum team will contact you to make an appointment for installation.

4. Pay afterwards
You’ll receive the invoice together with a link for payment after making the appointment. Payment is due before installation.

5. Installation
Our team will bring the trainer to your home and install it on site. They’ll also give a brief explanation on how it works.

6. Done
You’re ready to ride and run!