Chanaz to Lac du Bourget

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  • Film type: Download
  • Country: France
  • Region: Savoie
  • Publication date: 2016
  • Difficulty:
  • Total distance: 29
  • Max. incline: 12.90%
  • Average slope: 6.30%
  • Number of catacol points: 460
  • Height meters: 639.79
  • Art. no.: T2058.07A

Wonderful climb up to Col du Chat filmed in November

Amazing colours and views are the hallmark of this wonderful ride filmed in November. The route takes us first through the ancient village of Chanaz with the early morning mist still in the trees. Then an easy warm up hill, out of the village and down into the local vineyards. The full climb of the Col du Chat, which is in two parts separated by a lengthy scenic easy section with the steeper grades to be found in the second part. Then follows a fast descent down to Lac du Bourget before climbing back up a small way to the end of the ride with a short sting in the tail – warning this optional 650m long final hill is very steep! The total distance of this ride is 29 km. Lac du Bourget, also locally known as Lac Gris (Grey lake), is a lake at the southernmost end of the Jura Mountains in the department of Savoie, France. It is the deepest lake located entirely within France, and either the largest after Lac de Grand-Lieu depending on season. The lake is bordered by the steep summits of the Mont du Chat and the Chaîne de l’Epine on the west, and Bauges Mountains on the east, which form its shores.

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