How does an ERG training work with the FLUX Smart?

An ERG training; or ergo-training, is also known as a Wattage or Power training. This kind of training exists of multiple blocks of certain power levels for a specific duration. Like the example workout shown below, which starts at a power of 150 watts, follows with 225 watts, goes back to 150 watts, and so on. An ergo-training can be created by different apps.

With the FLUX Smart it is possible to perform these kind of workouts. This trainer can produce a certain range of power levels for a specific gear setting (illustrated by the blue shape in the graph below). In case your riding at the top of this range and you wish to increase the power or when it’s at the bottom of this range and you wish to lower the power, you have to shift gears.

How does it work?

This graph shows an ergo-training for the FLUX Smart with a certain gear setting (39 tooth front chainring and a 19 tooth rear cassette). It illustrates the amount of wattage (power level) that the Tacx FLUX Smart can produce in the specified gear setting with a certain cadence. The blue shape represents the available resistance levels of the FLUX Smart. For example, at a cadence of 75 RPM, the FLUX Smart can power up to 400 watts in the 39-19 gear setting. This trainer cannot produce power levels below or above this shape, in this gear setting. If you wish to do so, you have to shift your gears. For example, at a cadence of 75 RPM you have an output of 100W. If you wish to ride with a lower wattage, you need to change gears; between 21 and 28 tooth.

Please note, using another gear setting will change the starting point; the lowest and highest possible power level at 0 RPM. This way you can determine what the best gear setting should be for your training.

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