Yellow Jersey challenge

261,46 km ^1944 m max. 2,0 % avg. 20,5 % max. 5 days

Used by Julian Alaphilippe and Team Jumbo Visma in the Tour de France

Complete this Challenge before November 1st 2019 to join the raffle for this very, very awesome version of this iconic trainer! Allez! Allez!


Ride 9 cycling videos within 5 days to be rewarded with a unique challenge item and listed as a Tacx Yellow Jersey challenge hero! You’ll challenge a total distance of 261,5 km and climb over 166 kilometres, with an average incline of 2% and a max. slope of 20,5% on La Planche des Belles Filles.

We’re heading towards the biggest Grand Tour of the year: the Tour de France! This means a new Tacx Challenge as well and we proudly present you the Yellow Jersey challenge. We’ve selected the finest climbs in our software the pros will have to conquer as well this year. Brace yourself because just like Le Grand Boucle it won’t be easy!

Equal to the first stage we start this Challenge with a real ‘Spring Classics’ ride in Belgium where you have to conquer the iconic Muur van Geraardsbergen. Thereafter we’re heading to stage 6 towards the most well-known and feared climbs of the Voges: la Plance des Belles Filles. A steep climb of 7 kilometres with a maximum slope of 20,5%. In the second week of Le Tour  the pros are going to fight for the yellow jersey in the Pyrenees. Here they have to climb among others the Col de Peyresourde and the legendary Col du Tourmalet, and so do you of course. Hardly recovered from this effort, we move over to the final week of this Grand Tour: the Alpes. Just like the pro riders in stage 18, you are treated with some impressive climbs like the heavy Col d’Izoard and the Col du Galibier. And if this wasn’t enough, we then go up to the stunning climb of Col de I’Iseran on the edge of the luxury ski resort of Val- d’Isere. The final spectacular mountain stage of this year’s Tour de France has two steep and long climbs in it and guess what? We’ve got them as well for you! Prepare yourself for the Cormet the Roseland and the very long climb to Val Thorens. Bon voyage!

To join the Yellow Jersey challenge and thus to have a chance to win the unique yellow NEO 2 Smart, you’ll need the following:

  1. Tacx Smart trainer
  2. Subscription to Tacx Premium
  3. Tacx Training App

To complete the challenge you’ll have to finish the following films within 5 consecutive days (not necessarily in this order):

  • Muur Van Geraardsbergen
  • 19,58km
  • Uphill: 16,06km
  • Avg incline: 0,5%
  • Altimeters: 193m
  • Vosges, La Planche des Belles Filles
  • 23,74km
  • Uphill: 18,19km
  • Avg incline: 2,8%
  • Altimeters: 892m
  • Raid Pyrenees Stage 09 – Col de Peyresourde
  • 31,74km
  • Uphill: 10,29km
  • Avg incline: -2,2%
  • Altimeters: 702m
  • Raid Pyrenees Stage 11 – Col du Tourmalet
  • 22,27km
  • Uphill: 17,34km
  • Avg incline: 4,3%
  • Altimeters: 1190m
  • Etape du Tour – Col d’Izoard, Guillestre
  • 34,02km
  • Uphill: 27,13km
  • Avg incline: 3,5%
  • Altimeters: 1450m
  • Marmotte 3 – Col de Galibier
  • 50,60km
  • Uphill: 19,18km
  • Avg incline: -0,6%
  • Altimeters: 1229m
  • Iseran – Stage 1, Val-d’Isère
  • 27,65km
  • Uphill: 14,66km
  • Avg incline: -0,2%
  • Altimeters: 869m
  • Cormet de Roselend Stage 1 – Col du Pré
  • 15,48km
  • Uphill: 12,81km
  • Avg incline: 5,2%
  • Altimeters: 974m
  • Etape du Tour 2019 – Val Thorens
  • 36,38km
  • Uphill: 31,05km
  • Avg incline: 5,0%
  • Altimeters: 1944m


  • Ride all 9 videos mentioned above in full.
  • Complete the 9 videos mentioned above within 5 consecutive days.
  • Cheating by filling in an incorrect weight is not allowed, you’ll be disqualified and cannot join the challenge.
  • You’ll have to complete the challenge individually, it is not allowed to ride it with multiple riders.
  • It is not allowed to ride a film in parts, each film has to be completed in one session.

To enter and join the list of heroes, upload your activity on the right handed side of this page. When you enter, you agree with the terms and conditions for Tacx promotions and activities. Please note: you’ll have to finish all the films mentioned above before submitting the form.

Yellow Jersey challenge Heroes

nr. Name Country Date Time
1 David Suga United States July 11th 2019 19:55:50
2 Kenneth Wiklund Sweden July 9th 2019 15:16:49
3 Danni mierzwa Mortensen Denmark July 11th 2019 12:44:57
4 Niels Christiansen Danmark July 11th 2019 12:29:50
5 Zhouyu Zhang China July 14th 2019 14:31:50
6 Bert van Zantvoort The Netherlands July 14th 2019 13:57:08
7 Eerke Berger England July 14th 2019 12:10:18
8 Martijn Mees ten Oever The Netherlands July 15th 2019 14:19:08
9 Panagiotis Ntais Cyprus July 15th 2019 13:58:55
10 Robert Zwingler Germany July 16th 2019 15:29:47
11 Yuji Jiang China July 16th 2019 15:08:02
12 Nico Waworsineck Germany July 16th 2019 23:12:20
13 Matts Asplund Sweden July 20th 2019 12:56:12
14 Jean-François Dufaud France July 24th 2019 17:38:38
15 Andrew Anson New Zealand July 24th 2019 12:30:47
16 Sergei Melnikov Russia July 9th 2019 10:51:04
17 Félix Urain Spain August 3rd 2019 10:34:15
18 Matt McLen-Howells Wales August 11th 2019 13:34:49
19 Stefan Meissner Germany August 22nd 2019 14:18:11
20 Claudio Ferreira Brazil August 28th 2019 14:39:46
21 Toni Jovanovski Australia August 30th 2019 13:58:22
22 Vincent Lewandowski France September 3rd 2019 12:10:48
23 Hollis Thaxton United States September 5th 2019 20:32:55
24 Jason Bailey Sweden September 10th 2019 15:59:15
25 Martin Staldgaard Denmark August 31st 2019 16:54:38
26 Claudia Reuter Germany September 13th 2019 16:46:33
27 Petri Tuononen Finland September 18th 2019 16:39:58
28 Damian Konieczka Switzerland September 18th 2019 16:39:58
29 Susan Jelinski Canada September 30th 2019 18:07:52
30 Peter Horvat Slovenia October 1st 2019 15:55:15
31 Rudy Vansingel Belgium October 4th 2019 20:08:15
32 Thomas Reuter Germany October 7th 2019 13:28:04
33 Janos Kovacs Hungary October 8th 2019 14:15:52
34 Marc Noten Netherlands October 9th 2019 13:58:44
35 Timothy Mitchell United Kingdom September 24th 2019 18:36:51
36 Zbyszek Gawrylo Poland October 13th 2019 14:39:34

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