Welcome to the SEG Performance Challenge where you can test and prove yourself! This challenge consist of three different major and iconic climbs where you will have to pace yourself to the top. During the total six weeks of this challenge, we will educate you on how to become a better and faster climber. Even though that the event will be open to all riders, we will pay special attention to U23 talents. The best performing U23 riders who impress the SEG Racing Academy performance staff the most, will get a chance to secure a spot on their training camp!



In total you have to conquer three major climbs in six weeks time. Between every climb, there is a period of two weeks where you can train to become a faster and better climber. Use the special SEG training schedule to improve yourself and check out the tips from the SEG performance coaches on our blog.

Training Schedule

Tips and Tricks

  Pacing        Nutrition




Puig Major – set your fastest time between June 18th and July 1st
(select the segment ‘Puig Major’ in the Tacx Film ‘Tour of Mallorca Stage 4’)

  • slope: 9,6%
  • Total distance in this challenge: 19,19km
  • Climbing height: 847m


Galibier – set your fastest time between July 2nd and July 11th
(select the segment ‘Col du Galibier’ in the Tacx Film ‘Marmotte 3 – Col du Galibier’)

  • slope: 11,4%
  • Total distance in this challenge: 26,95km
  • Climbing height: 1196m


 Alpe d’Huez – set your fastest time between July 12th and August 2nd
(select the segment ‘L’Alpe d’Huez + 1km warmup’ in the Tacx Film ‘Marmotte 4 – Alpe d’Huez’)

  • slope: 11,9%
  • Total distance in this challenge: 14,82km
  • Climbing height: 1095



To enter and join the list of heroes below, fill in the form on the right handed side of this page. When you enter, you agree with the terms and conditions for Tacx promotions and activities.

What do I need?
To join the SEG Performance Challenge you’ll need the following:

  1. Tacx Smart trainer
  2. Subscription to Tacx Premium
    or try a 10-day free trial here
  3. Tacx Training App


  • In the settings of the app, fill in your correct body weight and correct bike weight.
  • Cheating by filling in an incorrect weight is not allowed, you’ll be disqualified and cannot join the challenge.
  • You’ll have to complete the challenge individually, it is not allowed to ride it with multiple riders.

Do I get a challenge bottle or badge?
In contrast to our other challenges, you won’t receive a challenge bottle or badge after completing this performance challenge. It is purely focussed on improving your climbing skills with the help of experts.