Provence Challenge

270 km ^ 6510 m 0,4% avg. 12,8% max. 6 days

Ride all 7 selected cycling videos within 6 consecutive days to be rewarded with a unique Provence challenge item and listed as a Tacx Provence challenge hero. You can expect a total distance of 270 km and 6.500 altimeters, with a max. slope of 12,8% on the legendary Mont Ventoux. This is truly one of the great ‘classic climbs’.

Welcome to the beloved Provence! Sunny backroad routes, lavender fields and the Mont Ventoux: what else do you need as a cyclist? We start this challenge just outside Séguret: one of the official ‘most beautiful villages in France’ that’s perched up on the hills on the eastern side of the Rhone Valley. Then we move over to the incredibly scenic hilltop village of Montbrun-les-Bains. Furthermore, you can expect some doable and beautiful stages in this French region as well, like routes past fields of cherry blossom and through the vineyards, before we head to the almighty Mont Ventoux. Famous for cyclists from all over the world wanting to conquer this climb with its iconic, rocky moonscape. You have to reach the top twice in this challenge:

  • Bedoin: most well-known side and often used in the Tour de France
  • Malaucéne: according to some this is the hardest way to get to the top.


To join the Provence challenge you’ll need the following:

  1. Tacx Smart trainer
  2. Subscription to Tacx Premium
    or try a 10-day free trial here
  3. Tacx Training App

To complete the challenge you’ll have to finish the following films within 6 consecutive days (not necessarily in this order):

  • Provence – Seguret to Montbrun-les-Bains
  • 69,95 km
  • Uphill: 42,05 km
  • Avg incline: 0,6%
  • Altimeters: 1371 m
  • Provence – Col d’Aulan, Montbrun-les-Bains
  • 36,99 km
  • Uphill: 19,57 km
  • Avg incline: 0,1%
  • Altimeters: 711 m
  • Provence – Gorges de la Nesque
  • 48,61 km
  • Uphill: 25,52 km
  • Avg incline: -1,3%
  • Altimeters: 587 m
  • Provence – Mont Ventoux, Bedoin
  • 29,52 km
  • Uphill: 23,04 km
  • Avg incline: 3,9%
  • Altimeters: 1632 m
  • Provence – Bedoin to Mazan – Cycle Tour
  • 30,02 km
  • Uphill: 12,17 km
  • Avg incline: -0,5%
  • Altimeters: 441 m
  • Provence – Chalet Reynard to Malaucéne
  • 27,07 km
  • Uphill: 5,81 km
  • Avg incline: -4,0%
  • Altimeters: 218 m
  • Provence – Mont Ventoux, Malaucéne
  • 27,25 km
  • Uphill: 20,8 km
  • Avg incline: 4,0%
  • Altimeters: 1550 m


  • Ride all 7 videos mentioned above in full.
  • Complete the 7 videos mentioned above within 6 consecutive days.
  • Cheating by filling in an incorrect weight is not allowed, you’ll be disqualified and cannot join the challenge.
  • You’ll have to complete the challenge individually, it is not allowed to ride it with multiple riders.
  • It is not allowed to ride a film in parts, each film has to be completed in one session.

To enter and join the list of heroes, upload your activity on the right handed side of this page. When you enter, you agree with the terms and conditions for Tacx promotions and activities. Please note: you’ll have to finish all the films mentioned above before submitting the form.

Provence Challenge Heroes

nr. Name Country Date Time
1 Manuel Menichini Italy April 25th 2020 09:51:00
2 Filip Mestdag france May 8th 2020 12:22:47

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