España challenge

118,94 km ^ 4412 m max. 1,4% avg. 24,1% max. 24 hours

Ride 4 cycling videos within 24 hours to be rewarded with a unique challenge item and listed as a Tacx España challenge hero! You’ll challenge a total distance of 119 km and climb over 4.400 altimeters, with an average incline of 1,4% and a max. slope of 24,1% on the Angliru.

After the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France, it’s time for the last Grand Tour of the year: the Vuelta a España! This means a new Tacx Challenge as well and we proudly present you the España challenge. It’s a selection of the most thrilling climbs of the past editions of this Grand Tour, so prepare yourself for a gruesome indoor session.

We start off with one of the highest climbs in Catalonia, the Vallter 2000. It takes you into the heart of the Catalan Pyrenees and it’s a fairly steady climb. There are a few short sections where the gradient goes over 10%, but all doable. Then we move over to the Coll de Rates, the most well-known climb on the Costa Blanca. Besides it’s often been included in the Vuelta, it’s also a beloved climb during the winter training camps of the pros who are based in the Calpe area. Next in line is Lagos de Covadonga: one of the most popular climbs in the Asturias. While you work up a sweat on the hard stretches, don’t forget to enjoy the amazing views of the Picos de Europa mountain range. Safe the best for last, they say. That’s why we kindly ask you to complete the mighty Angliru as well for this challenge! The first half of this climb is fairly average, but the craziness starts after that point as the road ramps up to insanely steep grades. It is perhaps one of the most demanding climbs in professional racing, so good luck with that!

To join the España challenge you’ll need the following:

  1. Tacx Smart trainer
  2. Subscription to Tacx Premium
  3. Tacx Training App

To complete the challenge you’ll have to finish the following films within 24 hours (not necessarily in this order):

  • Costa Blanca, Coll de Rates
  • 36,51km
  • Uphill: 24,64km
  • Avg incline: 1,3%
  • Altimeters: 846m
  • Lagos de Covadonga
  • 31,94km
  • Uphill: 18,67km
  • Avg incline: 0,5%
  • Altimeters: 1183m
  • Catalonia, Girona Pyrenees – Vallter 2000
  • 25,47km
  • Uphill: 22,22km
  • Avg incline: 3,7%
  • Altimeters: 1149m
  • The Angliru
  • 25,02km
  • Uphill: 12,77km
  • Avg incline: 0,2%
  • Altimeters: 1234m


  • Ride all 4 videos mentioned above in full.
  • Complete the 4 videos mentioned above within 24 consecutive hours.
  • Cheating by filling in an incorrect weight is not allowed, you’ll be disqualified and cannot join the challenge.
  • You’ll have to complete the challenge individually, it is not allowed to ride it with multiple riders.
  • It is not allowed to ride a film in parts, each film has to be completed in one session.

To enter and join the list of heroes, upload your activity on the right handed side of this page. When you enter, you agree with the terms and conditions for Tacx promotions and activities. Please note: you’ll have to finish all the films mentioned above before submitting the form.

España challenge Heroes

nr. Name Country Date Time
1 Henri Schellen The Nederlands August 24th 2019 08:47:18
2 Sergei Melnikov Russia August 25th 2019 05:07:06
3 Matts Asplund Sweden August 27th 2019 05:59:40
4 Zbyszek Gawrylo Poland August 31st 2019 07:15:00
5 Susan Jelinski Canada September 1st 2019 07:08:23
6 john crothers Great Britain September 3rd 2019 06:28:55
7 Thomas Reuter Germany September 4th 2019 07:02:48
8 Bert van Zantvoort the Netherlands September 5th 2019 06:47:18
9 Brendan Waters Ireland September 5th 2019 06:50:21
10 Robert Zwingler Germany September 7th 2019 07:09:24
11 Vincent Lewandowski France September 7th 2019 05:46:06
12 Matt McLen-Howells Wales September 9th 2019 06:44:56
13 Peter Murray United Kingdom September 10th 2019 08:02:32
14 Claudio Ferreira Brazil September 14th 2019 06:55:24
15 Bartłomiej Ociesa Polska September 29th 2019 07:46:10
16 Artur Juchniewicz Poland September 29th 2019 07:32:18
17 Harm Hilverts The Netherlands October 16th 2019 07:07:23
18 Matthias Mejuto Germany October 19th 2019 06:35:07
19 Luis Acebes Spain November 9th 2019 06:27:57
20 Rodolfo Gil United States November 12th 2019 07:07:22
21 Philippe Hercher Germany November 12th 2019 05:24:43
22 Roland Krismer Austria November 13th 2019 07:44:28
23 Peter Horvat Slovenia November 23rd 2019 06:55:44
24 Kim Bonde Denmark December 7th 2019 06:34:11
25 Ori Zur Israel December 9th 2019 07:38:31
26 Lars Wendler France December 10th 2019 05:39:24
27 Grigoriy Ternovskoy Russia December 12th 2019 09:49:34
28 Robert Liljeqvist Sweden December 14th 2019 06:42:07
29 Manuel Broggini Switzerland December 21st 2019 07:31:27
30 Bastian Wein Germany December 22nd 2019 06:55:35
31 Enrique Leal Sanjuan Belgium December 25th 2019 07:08:08
32 Andreas Luginbuehl Switzerland December 28th 2019 10:08:38
33 Rob Miller United States January 1st 2020 06:57:33
34 Sebastian Kruse Germany January 4th 2020 06:27:19
35 l Wippert The Netherlands January 10th 2020 05:24:42
36 Martijn de Bie The Netherlands December 28th 2019 06:58:17
37 BC Kletta United States January 20th 2020 06:12:26
38 Jürgen Uchtmann Germany January 30th 2020 06:18:18
39 Rudy Vansingel BE February 11th 2020 09:29:57
40 Werner Braun Austria February 14th 2020 07:06:09
41 Jan Boersma The Netherlands February 23rd 2020 06:37:52
42 Lilian Roksnoer France March 11th 2020 06:08:46
43 Ali Soheil Canada March 15th 2020 08:24:17
44 Ruben Del Amo Fidalgo Spain March 21st 2020 06:43:21
45 Jacques Kimman The Netherlands March 22nd 2020 05:46:11
46 Ivan Barcos Salazar France March 22nd 2020 06:23:21
47 Rui Fonte-Boa Portugal March 25th 2020 05:03:42
48 Patrick Laurent France March 26th 2020 05:56:49
49 Roberto Fernández Pérez Spain April 10th 2020 07:25:42
50 Peter Denheen United Kingdom April 10th 2020 08:34:42
51 Miguel Bueno Blázquez Spain April 12th 2020 08:54:35
52 Guayasén Rodríguez Spain April 14th 2020 06:11:41
53 Florian Cottaz France April 15th 2020 05:47:06
54 Carlos Alberto Martin Mate Spain April 17th 2020 07:19:16
55 Dennis van 't Klooster The Netherlands April 19th 2020 05:35:30
56 Peter Vriesman Spain April 20th 2020 05:59:50

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