Dolomites Challenge

194,86 ^ 7367 m 2,0% avg. 19,1% max. 5 days

Ride 7 cycling videos within 5 days to be rewarded with a unique challenge item and listed as a Tacx Dolomites challenge hero! You’ll challenge a total distance of 195 km and climb over 7.350 altimeters, with an average incline of 2% and a max. slope of 19,1% on the Tre Cime di Lavaredo.

If you ask any cyclist what his or her favourite area is to ride, many of them would mention the Dolomites. This monumental mountain range in northeaster Italy is very popular among outdoor adventurers. Whether you want to ski, hike or cycle surrounded by breath-taking views, then this is the place to go.

We start the challenge with the Sella Ronda: one of the most scenic rides in the world and should be ridden by every cyclist at least once. It is the highlight of the annual Gran Fondo: the Dolomites Marathon. Then we move over to the Passo Gardena, a steady climb with an average slope of 5%, followed by the Ciclabile delle Dolomiti. This is a wonderful ride up the old railway that’s been converted into a cycling path. Because the track was designed for trains, the grades are never steep. Next in line is the Passo Giau: one of the most well-known climbs in the Dolomites and frequently used in the Giro d’Italia. You can catch some breath on the the Passo Pordoi: one of the easier climbs of this challenge with some amazing views of this mountain range. One of the most legendary climbs in the whole Dolomites is also part of this challenge: the Tre Cime di Lavaredo. This one has some serious climbing with some very steep grades, but some epic views as well. We close the challenge with the Passo Fedaia, an unforgettable climb for any cyclist visiting the Dolomites. This ride is situated on the Marmolada, the highest mountain in the Dolomites. Successo!

To join the Dolomites challenge you’ll need the following:

  1. Tacx Smart trainer
  2. Subscription to Tacx Premium
    or try a 10-day free trial here
  3. Tacx Training App

To complete the challenge you’ll have to finish the following films within 5 consecutive days (not necessarily in this order):

  • Dolomites – Passo Gardena, Corvara
  • 15,51 km
  • Uphill: 10,43 km
  • Avg incline: 2,3%
  • Altimeters: 631 m
  • Dolomites – The Ciclabile delle Dolomiti
  • 33 km
  • Uphill: 15,65 km
  • Avg incline: 0,0%
  • Altimeters: 380 m
  • Dolomites – Sella Ronda
  • 55,58 km
  • Uphill: 28,5 km
  • Avg incline: 0,1%
  • Altimeters: 1697 m
  • Dolomites – Passo Giau , Cortina
  • 20,03 km
  • Uphill: 15,48 km
  • Avg incline: 4,3%
  • Altimeters: 1148 m
  • Dolomites – Passo Pordoi
  • 20,94 km
  • Uphill: 11,78 km
  • Avg incline: 1,1%
  • Altimeters: 783 m
  • Dolomites – Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Cortina
  • 24,06 km
  • Uphill: 18,24 km
  • Avg incline: 4,6%
  • Altimeters: 1677 m
  • Dolomites – Passo Fedaia
  • 25,74 km
  • Uphill: 14,09 km
  • Avg incline: 1,7%
  • Altimeters: 1051 m


  • Ride all 7 videos mentioned above in full.
  • Complete the 7 videos mentioned above within 5 consecutive days.
  • Cheating by filling in an incorrect weight is not allowed, you’ll be disqualified and cannot join the challenge.
  • You’ll have to complete the challenge individually, it is not allowed to ride it with multiple riders.
  • It is not allowed to ride a film in parts, each film has to be completed in one session.

To enter and join the list of heroes, upload your activity on the right handed side of this page. When you enter, you agree with the terms and conditions for Tacx promotions and activities. Please note: you’ll have to finish all the films mentioned above before submitting the form.

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