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Mission & Vision


We develop innovative, high quality products that inspire you to push your limits


Tacx is an innovative company with great passion for sport and technique. This passion drives the organisation and can be seen in all departments; from purchasing to production and product development to logistics.

 A company with drive

 The drive to constantly innovate and improve is typical of the company. Tacx takes up the greatest challenges and is able to detect and push limits as everything is done in-house. Resulting in atomised production, innovative products and state-of-the-art designs.

 Everything in-house

The company’s main strength lies in the fact that practically everything is designed and manufactured in-house. Product ideas and optimizations are developed, tested and atomised rapidly. From design to moulds and final production, all is done under one roof. This enables us to guarantee high quality products.


On the 1st of May 1957 Tacx starts as a bike and repair shop in Wassenaar, the Netherlands. In ‘64 they start manufacturing exhausts for mopeds, the first step towards greater things. In these early days components were already being manufactured in-house because they were better and more profitable. With this move Tacx introduced the ‘there is always room for improvement’ mentality which is still anchored in the company. In ‘69 the bike shop in town gave place to a small factory in a business park.

Rollers & the first indoor bike trainer
In 1972 Tacx starts manufacturing roller cylinders. This is a small market at that time, but Tacx personally knows the Dutch pro riders and his goal is to help them improve. In 1987 the current factory premises, with an approximate surface area of 10,000 square metres, is opened. Among other things, the company invests in further automation and the use of welding robots. Tacx was one of the first companies in the Netherlands to invest in a robot for atomization purposes.

Aside from rollers Tacx also introduces indoor bike trainers and bike carriers for cars. Later on bottles and tools are added to their product assortment.

The development of the interactive trainer
Around the year 2000, Tacx is the first to connect computer electronics to bike trainers and introduces an entirely new way of training. A screen not only displays data concerning speed, power, cadence and heart rate, but also enables consumers to use their computers for riding through virtual worlds and competing online against opponents from all over the globe. After a while, cycling legendary bike tracks and races is added and the development of apps and the cloud follows in 2013.

Introduction of the Smart series
The introduction of the Smart series in 2014 is just one of the many giant leaps in Tacx’s development. The innovative, interactive Smart trainers communicate via ANT+ and Bluetooth and function with Tacx applications on tablets and smartphones and connect with third party software. It has never been so easy to receive, collect and share your data.

The only real direct drive
Just after developing the Smart series, Tacx develops the only real direct drive. The NEO is the result of unfulfilled needs of the market and the development of new technologies. This trainer features no physical transmissions, making it very accurate, realistic, powerful and silent. One year later, in 2016, the feature ‘road feel’ is added to the trainer, enabling it to accurately simulate the vibrations of the road’s surface.

Ride & run realistically on 1 product
Parallel to the development of the Smart series and NEO Tacx develops the, in their eyes, perfectly realistic trainer. The Magnum is the first treadmill you can ride on enabling you to ride completely freely and experience an actual slope, just like in reality. The innovative developments in this trainer are, amongst others, automatic speed control, dual material of the bottom, a compact direct drive motor and Smart communication.

What once started as a small lo
cal bike and repair shop and modest manufacturer of rollers has grown into a globally well-known brand which develops and offers innovative products for athletes in over 80 countries.

Designed & produced in the Netherlands

The company’s main strength lies in the fact that practically everything is designed and manufactured in-house. Product ideas and optimizations are developed, tested and atomized rapidly. From design to moulds and final production, all is done under one roof. This enables us to guarantee high quality products.



The over 120 employees at Tacx work closely together to develop and produce technologically far-advanced products, in an inspiring environment in which learning and pushing limits is paramount. When you work at Tacx, you take up challenges with your colleagues and are constantly looking for how to improve yourself and the products.

Do you want to be a part of one of our teams and are you also driven by innovation? Perhaps one of the jobs below fits you well, or send an open application

There are no jobs available at the moment.

Men’s teams

Tacx works closely together with Pro Teams to improve and develop products. According to their feedback, products are optimized and features are added.

Women’s teams

Tacx works closely together with Pro Teams to improve and develop products. According to their feedback, products are optimized and features are added.

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Tacx works closely together with professional triathletes to improve and develop products. According to their feedback, products are optimized and features are added.

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Sebastian Kienle

Lizzie Armitstead

Elizabeth Armitstead, born in Leeds on 18th December 1988, is a British cyclist riding for the Boels-Dolmans Cycling Team. Armitstead started her career on the tracks and between 2007 and the start of 2011 she won several World Cups, including the team pursuit, scratch race and points races. At the World Championships she was also successful with one bronze and three silver medals.

Soon she discovered that she was a great road racer as well. After several victories between 2009 and 2011 she won the silver medal for her country in the Olympic games of 2012. Two years later, in 2014, she received her first World Cup when she won the Ronde van Drenthe. Later that year she won the overall title for the UCI Women’s Road World Cup, with her best season still to come.

In 2015 she won several one day World Cup races and the British National Road Race Championships for the third time, taking her to the top of the UCI world rankings. That August she sprinted to victory in the final World Cup race of the season, the GP de Plouay, to retain her World Cup title. And to cap this great season she won the World Championships Road Race on 25th September 2015, enabling her to wear the Rainbow Jersey for 2016.


Tacx gear Boels Dolmans Cycling Team


Peter Sagan

Peter Sagan, born in Žilina on 26th January 1990, is a Slovakian cyclist riding for the Tinkoff team. This all-round rider is especially strong in sprints. Sagan had a successful junior cyclo-cross and mountain bike racing career, winning the Junior Mountain Bike World Championship in 2008, before moving to road racing. Sagan won the points classification in the Tour de France in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, and as a result became the first rider to win the classification in his first five attempts. On top of this and other prestigious victories he became World Champion in 2015.

Aside from his great achievements, Sagan is closely involved in road racing in Slovakia, Israel and Poland. His goal is to stimulate and help young talents to become part of a professional team, which is a bigger challenge in these countries than in countries where cycling is a very popular sport, like the Netherlands. For this reason, Sagan is the ambassador for the Cycling Academy Team, a Pro Continental cycling team with an Israeli license, founded in 2015 and managed by former pro rider Ran Margaliot. The team won its first victory in the fourth stage of the Tour of Azerbaijan when Danial Turek was the first to cross the finish line.


Tacx gear Pro Team Tinkoff


Compete & connect

Tacx offers two ways to share your performance with and race online against other riders worldwide.

Multiplayer races
Multiplayer enables real-time web racing in the Tacx virtual worlds. These competitions are held in the Tacx Trainer software. Do you want to join a race? Check the calendar here or organize one yourself!

BikeNet is an online database on which you can store and share your outdoor and indoor rides and achievements. You simply upload your performance from a ride in the virtual worlds, Tacx Film or training program (Catalyst) directly to BikeNet, so others can see it and compare it with their own scores. It is also possible to upload outdoor rides recorded with a GPS device, so that others can download it and try to set a better time.

Training of the Month

June 2017

This training of this month is a ‘pyramid training’, the intensity is systematically increased and reduced. The advantage of this type of training is that you find your rhythm very easily. Additionally, it is comfortable that each block doesn’t take a long time, making it easy for you to have a new focus every time. You can ‘build’ a pyramid training by varying inthe length of the blocks and the intensity. When you ride above your FTP power during the last block, this pyramid training has the most effect. Your legs will surely acidify, causing the reducing blocks to feel more difficult than the same blocks in the ascending phase. This stimulates your muscles to break off the acidification quickly.

How to do it
The power training is quite simple to perform. Start with a good warming up. Then turn the cadence back to 60 rotations per minute. Set the resistance of your trainer so that you ride at 140% of your FTP capability. You will do this for 1 minute. Make sure that you stay firmly in the saddle and don’t move your torso. All power must come from your legs. After about 50 seconds you will notice that your legs start to hurt. This is a good thing! You should not run out of steam. If the minute is over, take 4 minutes to recover so you will be fully restored for the next minute.

Good luck!

Download the training of the month for TTS


Download the training of the month in PDF

Is this your first Training of the month?
1) take the test to decide your level and
2) try out the training of your choice (beginner, intermediate, expert) by 
importing the corresponding TTS (Tacx Training Software) file. Check the instruction video.

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Note: Advanced TTS software required (check version in TTS, left upper corner in yellow).

Please note that all the workouts on this website are example workouts. We cannot tailor-make these workouts for every one of you this way. If a workout is too hard just go down one slope (position or grade). If it is too easy just go up a slope (position or grade). We do advise you to read all about the training principles on this website. When you restart training after being inactive have high blood pressure or any other medical problems please see your physician before starting any training regime.

Intensity training

With the Tacx software you can improve your endurance by intensity trainings: trainings based on FTP or trainings based on your anaerobic heartbeat.

Training based on FTP (Relative power training)
FTP, or Functional Threshold Power, is an indication of your stamina. It is your power output at your lactate threshold. Above this point, your body produces more lactate acid than it can remove, so that the creation and removal of lactate acid are no longer balanced. You can maintain physical exertion above your lactate threshold for only 5–15 minutes, while at your lactate threshold, you can maintain physical exertion for an hour. You can increase your power output at your lactate threshold by training based on certain percentages of your FTP within certain training zones.

Anaerobic heartbeat
Your anaerobic heartbeat is your heart rate at your lactate threshold, above this BPM-value you cannot maintain the physical exertion for longer than 5–15 minutes. You can increase this by training based on certain percentages of your anaerobic heartbeat within different time intervals.